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Gail's LLLI Conference Blog

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

I leave tomorrow!!!!

Gail's LLLI Conference Blog
Oh my,
I'm trying to pack and can't decide on anything. Well, half my bag is packed and now I'm stuck.
I never did find comfy shows to trudge around DC in... do you think they'll mind if I go barefoot??


My flight leaves at 6:45pm. "They" say to arrive 2 hours early. I'm taking a shuttle since it's cheaper than having dh drive me there and give up half his day's pay. But the latest shuttle I can get will leave me thee at 1:00.....It's going to be a long boring afternoon at the airport!

So now I'm getting nervous about finding my way through the airport, but Idon't have to worry about being LATE!! LOL. I'm still nervous about making my connections and finding a taxi to take me to the hotel once I reach DC(at midnight zzzz). I've counted up and just getting to my room will make 5 new challengfes/expereinces for me... that's just to get to me room!

Okay... time to go face my suitcase.


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