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Sunday, July 03, 2005


Sunday Blog 1


I've zoomed in between lunch and second session. Thismornign I went to hear Barbara Coloroso spek about Bullies, the bullied and bystanders. Whoa.
that hit home.. no that's not a pun.

I can remeber moving to my current home town expecting to slip right in as I had done the other 5 or so times I moved but being met wiht a culture of bullying... now one of my sons is experiencing bullying.... so mnay times during the session I found myslef close to tears. Barbara is amazing in that she can bring you so close to tears nad lift you up again in momnets... so mcuh like life itself. If you ever have a chance to hear her speak it is well worth. I have a a btter idea of how to help m son... which I felt paralysed to do falling intot eh trap many people do of finding ways to merely avoid the bullies... elaving him feel soemthing is horribly wrong wiht him.. argh!! I bought her book nd wiil devour it on the way home.............

I sat next to peggy W. from Wisconsin USA and looked through photos of another WI leader's daughters wedding! Time flys, I still picture kathy T's daughter as a lovely teen, not a statusque young beauty at the alter!

At lunch I learned that breast milk is 50% sawdust...

I'll have to leave you wiht that! A speaker is coming in to chat.... but I'll let you stew on it and tell you what hat REALLy means later!
Love gm


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