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Gail's LLLI Conference Blog

Thursday, June 30, 2005

I'm here...

But not really....
I'm here in the tech room of the LLLI conference. I'm a day late and dollar short but HEY! I'm here!

Due to ugly weather on the west coast and in the Midwest my plane left an hour late insuring that I couldn't meet my next flight from Charlotte NC to Washington DC....... grrrrrrrrrrrrrr. (Is that new experience #6?)

I was offered a bench in the terminal to sleep in until 5:00am. zzzzzz (new Experience # 7)
THAT didn't work. I've gotten old enough that sleeping on the concrete thinly veiled in carpet is not and adventure.

Fortunately I met up with a lovely older woman who was willing to split a "distressed passenger" room at the Best Western. For $39.97 we had a shuttle to and from the airport as well as !! We arrived at 2:30 am showered and CRASHED until 4:30. I said good bye to my new friend Mary and met with some more lovely folks while eating fruit and fresh waffles for breakfast... What a cool invention... make your own waffles ... special thanks to those BW folks who laid out breakfast for us 2 hours early!!

Once at the airport it turned out the whole plane was devoted to flying 5 (five) people to DC... so we all got upgraded to first class!! Whoo hoo. I promptly fell asleep. (You'll see a pattern here soon)

We arrived an hour later to find our luggage was somewhere else! Ack! Feeling a bit worse for wear I found a taxi. That was a ride worth the money... if you like thrill rides... which got my adrenaline running... which kept me awake while I navigated the hotel itself.

I found my way to the room I'm sharing with a Leader from Minnesota (Susi) and Israel (Donna) and later in the week with Illinois (Jaime). After misdialing my new phone card number I finally reached my husband to tearfully declare I had arrived... leave a few messages for folks staying int eh hotel and check on my luggage.......... and zonked out.

Sometime later (I'm in asome time warp) Mz. Sandee, one of the techno wizards here in the techroom, returned my call and made me an offer I couldn't refuse. clean very cool clothes from a store near her and clean underwear. Mine were hanging up to dry in the shower so I was very excited about that!

So, after dressing in my new $10 dress and borrowed undies, meeting Katy from Alaska!!!! and her adorable baby Byron!!!!... having a bit of lunch I found my way here to the tech room.
Safe at last!!

more later zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Today's the day!

Gail's LLLI Conference Blog

Today's the day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My nerves are settling down.
Just fine tuning my suitcase and deciding what to leave behind. I want to save space to bring things back home to my family.

On my way to work this morning I'll pick up some cash for the World Faire and tips. I'll pick up some almonds and sunflower seeds to munch on while sight seeing and while waiting for my plane this afternoon. I bought some packets for seasoned tuna to add to noodles for a few dinners. I'll have to let you know how it works. My dh suggested military meals... hmmm.

I've printed off copies of all the emails about where to be when...
I've charged my cameras batteries and picked up a charger instead of taking my docking station and cables along on the trip. I really like it! It fits in my little camera bag and charges much faster!!

I guess I'm ready???? Lol.
Off to see what else I should leave home. I wish I had a rectangluar shawl. I could use it to keep warm, sit on, carry stuff in... i just never found what i wanted...hmmm, maybe I'll find one at the World Faire!!


Tuesday, June 28, 2005

I leave tomorrow!!!!

Gail's LLLI Conference Blog
Oh my,
I'm trying to pack and can't decide on anything. Well, half my bag is packed and now I'm stuck.
I never did find comfy shows to trudge around DC in... do you think they'll mind if I go barefoot??


My flight leaves at 6:45pm. "They" say to arrive 2 hours early. I'm taking a shuttle since it's cheaper than having dh drive me there and give up half his day's pay. But the latest shuttle I can get will leave me thee at 1:00.....It's going to be a long boring afternoon at the airport!

So now I'm getting nervous about finding my way through the airport, but Idon't have to worry about being LATE!! LOL. I'm still nervous about making my connections and finding a taxi to take me to the hotel once I reach DC(at midnight zzzz). I've counted up and just getting to my room will make 5 new challengfes/expereinces for me... that's just to get to me room!

Okay... time to go face my suitcase.

Friday, June 10, 2005

Sessions sessions sessions

sessions sessions sessions

I finally picked out my session choices.

I chose ~~~

Employment and Breastfeeding: Making it Work for the preconference workshop on Saturday.

~Bullies, Victims & Bystanders: From pre-school to highschool-How parents can help break the cycle of violence. (My middle son has struggled with this on the bus and at school... I hope I get some ideas to help him)

~The sandwich generation: caught in the middle (I'm dead set in the middle)


~~Breastfeed a toddler? Why on earth? Is there any reason to do it? ('cause it's JACK NEWMAN!!!)

~~How Hospital Policies adversely Affect the Managment of Jaundice and Hypoglycemia (I want to know more before starting my ob clinicals)

~~Breastfeeding in Challenging Situations: Ankyloglossia, Candidiasis, and phone counseling latch on techniques. (I hope to hear more and actually see the "hamburger hold" and so much more)

~~Making Sense of Adolescence: Understanding and dealing with teenagers. (my son is turning 16, the other is 12.... I need this session... Hormones anyone??)

~~Solving Breastfeeding Problems: Are there natural laws we can use? ('cause it's Dianne Weissenger and Nancy Mohrbacher !!!)

Okay, now to make a photo copy and mail it in.

Once that's done I can relax and choose which sights I want to see!!