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Monday, July 04, 2005

Monday 1

I've been trying to get into the tech room alllllll day and now it's 7pm.

All the session have had great questions asked at the end which led to us going over time a bit.

I'm trying to decide if i should buy the syllabus. It's $50. but there's so much information flying past that I'm sure I'm missing over half of it.

Last night was the World Faire. WOW. It was major sensory overload. I bought an Italian charm, earrings and a necklace for myself. For Eric I bought some fake snow from the Alaska table and a leather snake bracelt from the Guatemala tabel. Katie will get a dream box from Irelend and Alex will get a rose stone from Texas and an Irish versons of a birthstone. Jeff will get some cajun spice mix from Missisippi. Men are sooooo hard to shop for.

I met a gal from the Appleton Wisconsin group and sat with her ( I hink we are THE only people here from Wisconsin besides a vendor and Peggy W.) and Deb Olsen during the Founders tea. That was somuch fun. It was sad when we honored the Leaders who've passed on. I dind't think I could stay though it. It's hard to think of them not here with us.

I think I'll run up to my room and lay down for a few minutes before the gallery of gatherings begin.



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