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Sunday, July 03, 2005

Sundays blog 2

Sunday's Blog 2

Hmmm some how my last 2 blogs disapeared into cyber space. not sure how that happened?? I published one after lunch and not even Jennifer can find it so poof... all that witty observation is gone. (really it was my most brilliant peice of writting ever, I'm so sorry you'll have to read this instead)

This morning I went to Barbara Coloroso's session on Bullying. ( I sat next to Peggy W. from Wisconsin and caught up on mutual freinds) I've heard B.C. speak before and could go back over and over again she's so dynamic and down to earth. It was a very emotional session for me, and eye opening too. We/I forget that bullying is not just a kid thing, and it's not a normal part of life... we may all have our own expereiiences with but it's just not "normal". I left the session, race walked to the bookstore and and bought her book. I need to read through it and highlight and circle and bend pages to absorb it all.

Lunch was awesome. I sat at the Israel (+) table. about half the people around the table were from Isreal nad hte rest of us know Donna! She's defintately a draw for me we roomed together for 2 nights and hit it off ... tommorrow Donna promises to come wake me up to go walking at 6:00. Susi my other roomie doesn't seem to hve the heart to wake me up. or maybe she just can't get through the fog...
Are there any Wisconsin Leaders here??? Maybe I could go sit at teh MN/Da table next time...


LUNCH! Dessert was 3 fruit sorbet balls in a champagne flut... mmmmmmmmmmmm.
And here was a way cool key note speaker named E. Stephen Buescher, MD. His topic was Human Milk: It's more than just food. His focus is on everything else in breastmilk besides nutrients... He says that 50% of human milk (HM) is just sawdust... meaning it's non-nutritive and passes though our baby's GI tract intact or nearly so. I was startled to learn that there are components in our milk that turns off all the functions of the white blood cells.............. huh? Why? good question. He's working to figure that out for us! The components that do this shut down the inflammatory effects fo WBC's... preventing the inflammation, heat, swelling etc that are associated with teh disease process......

guess i need to do more reading! He had some interesting thoughts and research about the chemical communication that occurs between breastfeeing women and those around us... and how we feel disturbed and often react with anger when we feel this emotional reaction to the chemical stimulus............. and he had his own ideas about what Barbara Walters may have been struggling with on that airplane!

After lunch I went to a panel disscussion on The Sandwich Generation...There I sat near Elaine Shirron, sans Matches the wonder pup and Meg Sondey of CN fame. She's carrying a suitcase full of chocolate and postcards and such to swap with folks.

and so.... I have a small break to run up to my room and call the kids. My cell phone died when I tried to call from the court yard... then on to dinner somewhere and then at 7:00 I'll go to the World Faire to find souveniers for my family. shhhh I bought an italian link bracelet for Katie, but I'm keeping the LLL link.

from Dunnville and currenly in DC


At 6:29 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Gail,

One of your missing posts ended up in Anton's Blog. Was that the one that was "your most brilliant writting ever"? LOL

I am loving the virtual cf. Wish I was there with you!


At 10:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, Gail!

I hope they can get your posts back in your blog (at least copy and paste!), so I don't have to hunt all around for them. :-)

I am loving the virtual conference, too. And I'm loving your blog. :-) I'm sooooooo glad you're having a great time!!



At 6:01 PM, Blogger Gail said...

Hi Guys,

I'm going to start saving up for Chicago the minute i get home...

how about you??? WOuld it be cool to all go together????



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